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Discussion on Processing Equipment of Household Paper Products

Paper products such as toilet paper roll, kitchen towel roll, paper napkins (serviette), paper towels, and facial tissue are essential items in our daily lives. The manufacturing process of these products involves specialized machinery for paper making plus paper converting.

All kinds of paper products need corresponding professional processing equipment, such as toilet paper machine, paper napkin (serviette) machine, paper towel machine (V-fold, N-fold, M-fold, etc.), facial tissue machine. Among them, toilet paper roll and kitchen paper roll can share one equipment, that is to install a set of glue-lamination device on the toilet paper roll rewinder machine, and V-fold paper hand towel can also share one machine with facial tissue

Many foreign customers purchase paper product processing equipment online. It is difficult for non-professional and inexperienced customers to judge the quality of the machine from the pictures and videos on the Internet, because the quality of the machines from many different manufacturers is uneven. This involves issues such as machine design, processing and assembly. Among industrial wipes , the structure of the machine can be roughly divided into wall panel type and channel steel welding; in terms of transmission, there are step-by-step independent transmission, chain type transmission, etc.; for the processing of parts, good manufacturers generally use CNC processing, and some parts need heat treatment and dynamic balance, etc., the cost of such manufacturing is higher.

So many unprofessional customers always compare the prices with photos and videos of machines online, which is very unreasonable.


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