Orientaleaf’s Guide to White Tea Varieties

White tea, with its fragile tastes and subtle scents, holds an one-of-a-kind area in the globe of tea. Among the most revered types of white tea are Shou Mei, Fuding White Tea, Aged White Tea, White Peony, Gong Mei, and White Hair Silver Needle.

Shou Mei, typically referred to as the “old man’s brow,” is a robust white tea with a character that stands out. Shou Mei has a somewhat oxidized profile, providing it a richer body contrasted to other white teas.

Fuding White Tea hails from the Fuding area in China’s Fujian province, a place renowned for generating some of the finest white teas in the globe. This tea is a testament to the artistry and practice of white tea production in Fuding, supplying a truly genuine experience for tea enthusiasts.

Aged White Tea is a classification that has acquired significant focus recently. Much like fine white wine, white tea can be aged to establish much deeper, extra intricate flavors. As the tea grows, it undergoes a natural fermentation procedure, leading to a smoother, mellower preference with boosted sweetness and a richer, more rounded profile. Aged White Tea typically shows notes of dried out fruit, honey, and a subtle tip of earthiness, making it a fascinating selection for those that value the nuanced flavors that come with aging. At Orientaleaf, we take excellent care in sourcing and keeping our aged white teas, guaranteeing they reach their complete possibility prior to reaching your mug.

This tea is made from both the buds and leaves of the tea plant, resulting in a slightly fuller flavor contrasted to Silver Needle but still maintaining the fragile high qualities of white tea. The balance of flavors in White Peony makes it a preferred among white tea enthusiasts and novices alike.

Gong Mei, or Tribute Eyebrow, is another variety of white tea that uses an unique flavor account. It is usually harvested somewhat later in the period than White Peony, causing a tea that has a much more durable and slightly a lot more oxidized character. shou mei has a distinctive taste with a blend of flower and woody notes, and a sweetness that remains on the taste. This tea is recognized for its price without jeopardizing on top quality, making it a superb selection for those aiming to discover the globe of white tea without damaging the financial institution. At Orientaleaf, we make sure that our Gong Mei tea is sourced from reliable farms, providing an item that is both authentic and scrumptious.

White Hair Silver Needle, also known as Bai Hao Yin Zhen, is maybe the most renowned and very prized white tea. Made specifically from the young, unopened buds of the tea plant, Silver Needle is renowned for its charming taste and fragile appearance. The buds are covered in great silvery hairs, giving the tea its name and a distinct aesthetic allure.

At Orientaleaf, we are dedicated to bringing you the finest white teas, directly sourced from the heart of China. Our commitment to high quality and authenticity makes sure that each cup of tea you make is a real representation of the abundant practices and craftsmanship that enter into generating these remarkable teas. Whether you are a seasoned tea aficionado or simply beginning your trip into the globe of white tea, our option provides something for everybody. Check out the fragile tastes of Shou Mei, the immaculate preference of Fuding White Tea, the aged complexity of Aged White Tea, the flower elegance of White Peony, the durable character of Gong Mei, and the unequaled refinement of White Hair Silver Needle. Each sip is a testament to the appeal and diversity of white tea, and we are recognized to share these treasures with you.


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