A Best Drawing Machine To Produce Titanium And Titanium Alloy Wires

This article relates to the technical field of titanium alloy wire diameter changing equipment, especially a titanium alloy wire drawing machine

With the improvement of factory quality requirements for medical titanium alloy wires, especially the improvement of the intrinsic performance requirements of wire materials by manufacturers, the role of wire drawing in the processing of titanium alloy wires has become particularly important.

When the titanium alloy material is rolled, the size of the rolled bar is large and the roundness is poor, which does not meet the needs of subsequent finishing processing. Therefore, the titanium alloy wire needs to be resized by drawing. Due to the poor plasticity of titanium alloy, hot drawing is currently mainly used for resizing. At present, hot drawing mainly uses tubular resistance furnace heating and diameter change through the drawing die. However, in the existing titanium alloy wire continuous hot drawing processing system, the mold is a fixed mold. During the actual drawing process, due to the uneven surface shape of the titanium wire or the presence of hard spots on the surface, the fixed mold is used as the When titanium alloy wire is hot drawn from the mold, it is easy to scratch the surface of the drawn titanium alloy wire, affecting product quality.

The following is the titanium wire equipment produced by our company




Brand: CRM

Manufacturer: Sky Bluer Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

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About Company

Founded in 2016, Sky Bluer Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures a variety shapes of industrial wire rolling lines, universal rolling mills, cold rolling cassettes, wire drawing machine,and precision rolls. As a replacement for cold rolling mills originating in Europe, America, and Japan, the company conducts independent research and development on rolling lines for spring steel square wire, flat wire, spring wire, shaped steel wire, wedge profile wire, and so forth. With the combination of modern technology and self-made rolling and drawing, the cost of grooving and the production of shaped wires can be greatly reduced. the rolled products are highly polished, with a straightness of up to 0.5mm/m, a thickness tolerance of less than 0.005mm, and a width tolerance less than 0.005mm.

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