Tips for Having a Successful Friendship

Friendship is a close relationship among non-blood connected people. It is one of the greatest qualities a man’s life. As a social being, man can not live alone. He feels the necessity of keeping friendship with others for making his life on earth worthy and meaningful. A well-chosen friendship is better than wealth and reputation. Here is some tips for having successful friendship:

Chose a friend:
To make true friendship a man must chose his friend from among the person of his equal tastes, character or status. Because they need good understanding among them. If their mind is not equal their thought will not same. Than their relation will be broke in a small time. Their is no bound of age. A child might be a best friend of a old man. If they have a friendly mind.

In the time of introduction he mustn’t ask him any personal thing, such as his age, his income, his family. Any where when they see each other, he have to say ‘hi’, ‘hello’, ‘how are you’ etc. He needs to continue communication with his friend.He can make call over phone, e-mail him or go to his house. When they talk with each other they have to talk with open mind. It is not important for him to be modest with his friend.

A friendly mind:
To make a friendship, a man must have a friendly mind. Next he must have confidence in his friend and must open a heart to him to make the bondage of relationship closer and sweeter. We know the story of Jim and Dela. They sacrificed their selves the last thing they have for making the relation sweeter. If a person is polite in his behavior is a good friend. Besides, he must have a free mind to forget and forgive unintentional wrong and mistakes of of his friend for continue their relationship. Again, he must avoid the harmful practice of finding fault with his friend behind him. Next he must have the mind to care little for the back-biters’ backbiting about their friendship.

A friend in need:
A proverb goes ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’. He have to sacrifice for his friend in any situation of life. He have to standby his friend in all circumstance with all the sympathy. He should smile when his friend smile and he should cry when his friend cry. He always do those things which are useful for his friend. And avoid those things which are harmful for their friendship.

Finely, to make a true friendship he have to be a good man in his character. Truly speaking, a true friend plays a great role on the life and character of a man.By follow this tips a man will be able to be a good friend.