7 Key Dating Tips Essential To Any Relationship And Dating Situation

Dating tips are essential for every marriage and every relationship whether a young one or a long time relationship. There are several tips that one needs to know before setting out that date. The following tips will be of importance to you as you look forward to having a great and successful date:

1). Plan

Last minute rush is an enemy of any successful plan. It may prove so disastrous or so spontaneous to your date and this may negatively affect your date. Plan well in advance and ensure you have enough peace within you as the date time approaches. Set your expectations for the date and at least let your date agree with your agreement. Ensure you organize in advance proper parking and show that you are a very organized person. Key dating tip 1 – proper planning is of importance.


Ensure that which you have chosen is in tune with what your date will truly enjoy. Ensure you are relevant in your choices. This will ensure both of you enjoy the date as well as have a great date. Key dating tip 2 – make sure your date feels completely in place as far as the date is concerned.

3). Respect

The fact of the matter is that you really appreciate your date. She or he may be very admirable to look at but show some respect. Do not be too soon on dwelling on the physical aspect of the beauty. You might just manhandle him or her which is a big mistake in a date. Key dating tip 3 – value your date.

4). Stay Light

Find something a little positive that both of you can share in without either party getting embarrassed. Find out what your date likes most or would prefer and provide that. You could take her or him to watch a comedy if they like that or a walk at a water park if they like water. Key dating tip 4 – avoid talking about exes or anything that is not meant for the date.

5). Connection

All these tips will not be of any benefit if the both of you involved cannot connect. Take time and effort to find what is common between both of you. Take a little time to learn your partner’s past and childhood. This will help you to know if you have same values and outlook into life. Key dating tip 5 – this is a very important time to explore into your partner because it will help you know how to run the relationship.

6). Be in anticipation

Dating tips will help you a lot if you know how and what to anticipate in a date. Try to look your best. Key dating tip 6 – be light in your actions in expectation for more as the relationship progresses.

7). Laugh a little

You cannot have a cold date whatsoever. Lighten up your date by passing on some laughter once in a while. Laughter is attractive, bonding and so infectious and releases nervousness. Key dating tip 7 – If it is a movie, ensure it is a funny one that will leave both of you laughing all through.

Dating Tips Date Women

Top 6 Dating Tips To Help You Date Women And Succeed At It! Read About The Rules Of Dating And How You Can Naturally Attract The Right Women.

Dating women is extremely easy once you know what to do. But if you don’t know where to start that’s fine because here are some dating tips on what you should do on dates and how you can attract women while enjoying yourself at the same time.

Tip 1: Look Good

You may not be the most handsome guy in the world but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look good! Self grooming is extremely important and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to clean up before a date and pull on a clean ironed shirt. If you date women looking like a slob it’s no wonder that they’re not interested in you. Small tips to remember include bathing, smelling good, and trimming away nose hair.

Tip 2: Don’t Lie

Out of all the dating tips, this is probably one of the most important once of them all. I realize that more often than not it is easier to lie about certain things or even embellish on the truth to make your life sound more interesting. However the more you life the harder it is to keep track of the details and after your 4th date with the same woman will you actually remember the lies you’ve told since your first date?

Tip 3: Have A Sense Of Humor

Women love to date men who have a good sense of humor. If you can make her laugh half your battle is already won. This is because by making her laugh she is happy and enjoying herself. Laughing is also good because it creates positive vibes and leaves her with good memories of her date with you. When she remembers how fun this date was she’ll want to go out with you again for sure!

Tip 4: Be Yourself

Most dating tips will tell you that there are expectations that you have to live up to in order to attract and date women. This is not true! Men and even women always forget that pretending to be someone else will not work for long. This goes back to the 2nd tip of not lying because sooner or later the truth will slip out. And besides, wouldn’t you much rather have women date you for who you are rather than someone you are pretending to be?

Tip 5: Be A Mystery

One of the most important dating tips is to make sure that you are never always available. Women are curious and naturally attracted to what they don’t know. So if you project yourself as a bit of a mystery they will naturally want to go out with you more. So when they call you it’s advisable to not always be available at their beck and call. This is one of the most important rules of dating. Be nice but don’t be too nice and you will have women always coming back for more.

Tip 6: Enjoy Dating

The final tip to succeed at dating and women is to actually enjoy your dates. There is no point in dating or trying to find someone if all you do is stress out on your dates on how you can make it perfect or how you sound or look like. Dating women is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. If you are not enjoying yourself she will be able to tell and in turn she won’t have a good date either. Don’t expect too much out of a single d

Listening is the Key to Communicating

Good relationship advice for any woman should include the importance of Communication. Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. Open and honest communication builds a foundation that all other aspects of the union are built upon. Distance and disappointment will result if a culture of open dialogue between partners is not maintained.

In the beginning of any relationship, communication is free and easy. You both enjoy being with each other and look forward to the next time you can share time with each other. Over time, and through the complications of marriage, children, bills, and in-laws, dialogue between the two can wain.

Listening is the key to communication. Don’t ignore or reject what your partner is saying. Really listen to what they are trying to tell you. Chances are, it’s important to them, and therefore, should also be to you. Not listening is the direct road to disconnection by one or both of you.No relationship can survive disconnection.

Watch what you say to one another. Words floated off the cuff can not be taken back. Your relationship lives on the tip of your tongue. Words said in anger or rashness can do irreparable damage. Research shows that five positive things that you say to your partner, are destroyed by one negative remark.

It is important that you tell your partner each day how much they mean to you. Words of affection and affirmation are important in keeping your partner happy and connected to you. Tenderness is always better than ridicule or arrogance. Whisper words of love to your partner, and your relationship growth is guaranteed.

Nurture and cultivate a healthy love life. Couples who have good communication can identify and work through problems much easier than those who do not. Different outlooks and goals can be accommodated when two people are able to be honest and open with each other.


Down To Earth Dating Advice For Women

Dating advice for women can be complicated sometimes. There are so many different things to remember while you’re on a date. In this article you will find a few advice tips for you to work on while you’re on a date. Always remember though, it is only a guideline and it’s you on the date, not the person writing the article.

Just be yourself?

Being yourself on a date is the most important piece of advice. Men don’t like a women who pretend to be someone else. If the man you’re on a date with is meant to be with you, he will like you for who you are and not who you could be. He may become very angry with you if you pretend to be someone else. Once you have eventually decided that you are tired of the charade and become yourself, he may feel hurt that you lied and may not understand that you were only trying to impress him.

About compliments

If you receive a compliment, accept it graciously. If you decide to analyze the compliment or reject it, you may be portrayed as having a lack of self confidence. Some gentlemen don’t like a woman who can’t accept a compliment. The best would be to thank him and accept that maybe you’re beautiful and you should stop putting yourself down.

Previous relationships

Your previous relationships are of no importance to your date. He doesn’t want to hear how he compares to your previous boyfriends. He may feel insecure or nervous as it is and comparing him to your previous boyfriends may scare him off or make him feel like he has to compete with their memory or measure up to them.

Being positive is always right. Positivity in on a date makes it pleasant. It will keep him from running away from your constant nagging or complaining. Complaining and nagging may portray you as an unhappy person and no one really enjoys a person who always complains.

When it comes time to arrive for your date, keep to the time arranged to meet. You should never be late unless it is a valid excuse. Believing that being late may heighten his anticipation is not the right way to think. He may become irritated and your evening will be spoilt. He may see you as someone who has a disregard for time and doesn’t really care about whether you are on time. A short phone call to say you will be late may save you from not enjoying your date.

An honest opinion

Your honest opinion may be appreciated by your date. If you constantly agree with everything he says, you may portray yourself as someone with no imagination. You may be seen as someone who can not think for herself and is a push over. Always give your opinion if you don’t agree with his. Men and women are different after all and are entitled to have their own opinion. Don’t start an argument, just view your opinion in a polite manner and keep the conversation going.

The day after your date should not be a day for you to call. You should wait a few days and see if he calls you. If he is interested in you, he will make the time to phone you. If you don’t receive a call, give him a call and keep the conversation light. If he is not interested in you it won’t help by constantly calling him to see when your next date is. You will sound rather desperate.

Practical Dating Advice for Women

Women whether they are single, widowed or divorced can get the right man to date if they apply dating advice for women. Many girls are wondering if there is any practical dating advice for women which can help them to get a good man to date and if possible convert the date into a lasting relationship. This article will discuss practical dating advice a woman can apply to get the right man to date.

Women should make themselves available for a man who is interested in dating them. If a man wants to have a date with you and you are not responding to his effort, he will think that you are not interested in him and this may make him to go to another female who is ready to date him. If you are trying online dating, you must respond to request for a date when you are contacted by men. Men like to feel they are in control in their romantic relationships so you need to make yourselves available if you want them to go on a date with you.

Also, do not concentrate on sex but on the qualities of men when you are looking for the right man to date. You can know the qualities of most men if you spend time with them because they will display their real qualities if your dating activities includes normal daily chores. After you discern the true qualities of a man during the dating period you can now determine if he is the right man to date. However if you are one of those women who just want to have an erotic date with no commitment, the physical features of a man should be your main concern.

Women must apply wisdom when they are dating a man so that they do not suffer harm and be able to get the right man to date. Applying wisdom involves knowing that you can get hurt if you do not take common sense safety precautions. Many bad men can hurt you sexually, emotionally, financially and physically so you must never date a strange man in a secluded and lonely place. Some dating experts suggests that you should go on the first date with a friend who will be at some distance watching to help you. If you eventually need help he or she can quickly assist you. Most public place during the day is safe enough for any woman to have a date with a new partner.

A man will always remember you if show genuine concern for him. Many men are close to their mothers because they are aware that their mothers care deeply about them. So when a man whom you had been with wants to choose a woman to make his wife, you will be his first choice even if there are other girls whom he can get for free or with little money. However when showing real concern try not to be the nagging or controlling woman or he will run from you for fear of pressures after committing to you.

Many young women has being applying these dating advice for women successfully in their encounter with men. If you follow the above dating advice for women and girls you will discover that these dating secrets will make you date the right man. You can now tactically turn your date to any other type of relationship you desire.

Tips For a Successful Date

Have you been searching books about dating on various book stores over and over again? Do you often visit a site that has dating advice for women? Are you up for a date and don’t know what to do? Then this is certainly for you. If you have been getting negative feedbacks whenever you date someone, maybe there’s something wrong in what you do. Change your ways. You might have been doing things that are uncalled for. So for you to never go wrong again, here are a few tips for a successful date.

Have confidence.

Being confident makes a plus factor on every date. This is a rather typical dating advice for women that really works. If you are up for a date, compose yourself and bring out such confidence. Be yourself. It is better to keep simplicity in an attractive way than to act as if you are one different person. Just act as natural as you could and be relaxed. In this way, he will feel light and easy around you.

Know your limits.

This dating advice for women is rather a reminder for all. You must know the things you must not do. It includes what a first date is supposed to be and the things that are unnecessary. Know the borders of the things you will share and think first before you give out a word. You might encounter someone who gets easily offended, so better if you’ll choose your words wisely. Know when you should leave too to keep him interested.

Be fun.

Nothing is more attractive than a very positive and cheerful person. This has always been a part of dating advice for women which is a pretty effective one. You may go and tell him some funny stories, crack some jokes, and just be amusing. If he enjoys your company, better. This is how a date must go – easy flowing. Keep him interested about your stories. And do the same when it’s already his turn.

Laugh at his jokes.

There are women who take a joke seriously and often get mad at men. You must learn how to control your temper. Know the difference between the words funny and offending. If he happens to say things that are pretty offensive and already below the belt, you may tell him how you feel about it in a respectful way. Otherwise, men are so much attracted to women who appreciate their jokes no matter how silly they are. They find it cool when a woman laughs her heart out yet still maintaining femininity.

Flirt a little.

Flirting is one way to show a man that you are indeed interested on him. This one is a safe yet useful dating advice for women. It is a signal that will keep a man to have the urge of pursuing you. Flirt just a bit. Never make it to a point where he’s getting the wrong impression. Just make it something enough to uphold the intense feeling flowing around the two of you.

Relationship Advice For Men

What relationship advice can help men the most? How do men know if the relationship they are in is the right one for them for the future? The single most important relationship advice for men is to avoid focusing on the things women say and pay attention to how women show them what they want.

In what way do women show men what they want? The best way to observe what women want is to see what men they date. Women will tell you they want a man who is good at listening but the man they select often does all the talking. They may say a sense of humor is the most important thing but many women go out with men who are wealthy and not very funny.

What is the reason for the discrepancy between what women say they want and what they do? The reason women do these things is found in their subconscious. Biologically and historically, women and men unite in order to reproduce. A woman my not be thinking about having a baby anytime soon on the surface but when women are judging men, they actually subconsciously are trying to determine if they would make good fathers. The key to being a good father is not being a good listener, it is being a good provider.

Women are attracted to men who appear to have the ability to provide for them. Women want a man who they know will take care of them and their children and meet all their physical needs. Men produce billions of sperms throughout their lives but women only have about 400 chances of reproducing. That means they want a man who will take care of them in the long run and give them a stable life.

Men who are lawyers and not paralegals are going to be more attractive to women. Women see a lawyer and think that he would be a good provider for their future family. Men need to do more than make enough money to take care of a woman, though. The men need to be willing to share what they have with their families. That is why women are so impressed by expensive gifts. That is the reason that the engagement ring is of such great importance. Giving a woman an engagement ring is done because it is a tradition and it is romantic but it also is a visible sign that the man can and will take care of the woman and their future family.

Another thing women are looking for is a strong man. Despite the fact that brains and not strength determine earnings in most cases, women associate strength with being a good provider. Women apply this principle when they select a football player to date instead of the smart geeky guy.

The best relationship advice for men is to look at dating as it relates to evolution and see what they have to offer.

12 Hazardous Chatter Issues to Evade During a Date

Listing below some topics to keep away from, while talking during a date:

o Avoid talking about things which stir up memories of negative things, like violence, wrestling, rape, child abuse, death stories, animosity, hatred, cruelty. She is a woman after all!

o Avoid bringing up the past – both hers and yours. If she is curious about yours, steer the conversation on to something else. And never pass any derogatory comment about any past woman you may have had a relationship with.

o Never demean yourself, even if you mean it as a joke, as it gives a signal of low self-esteem. And you will never get her on your side, sympathetically or empathetically.

o Any topic that can be remotely controversial, like racism, apartheid, abortion, religion.

o What is wrong with her professional life and her boss or her employer. This triggers negative memories and does not add any value to your dating time.

o Never broach the topic of her past romantic liaisons.

o Issues related to health problems or past or present illnesses.

o Don’t show off or overtly display your affluence or bank credit ratings. If she is looking at your purse, there is hardly any point in continuing with this relationship. Even if she reminds you of Angelina Jolie. Let her look up “Gold Digger’s Monthly”. What are you doing there?

o Start screening those “typical” date questions that show no creativity or originality. Also, if by any way, you give her the impression as to your ultimate aim: “Ok, have coffee, afterwards, let’s have sex”, you will make sure you are showing her the quick way to make an exit.

o Avoid any talk that connects to sex in some way or the other. Even admiring a “sexy” picture fall under this category. Of course, if she broaches the topic, that’s a different issue. Some men think that by discussing such “sexual” topics, he is sending her “feelers”. That by this way he will know whether she is “on”, even for a one nighter. (See the Sexual Reversal Strategy below.)

o Regarding family issues, talk only in general terms and speak well of everyone. There is enough time left in future, when both of you can exchange notes on how horrible some of the family issues are!

And to mention the last but never the least important issue to avoid: Do not boast and become an “I” specialist! Keep the stories of your conquering the world and winning almost all battles in life to yourself please. I have heard many women complain about this fact – that if they start a topic, any topic for that matter, men instantly pick up a cue from there and start narrating their tales of victory and triumph.

Women are, by nature, a slightly unassertive lot, when it comes to conversation with men. Men like demarcating their territory, stake their claims and establish their own domain and while talking, take the woman to be just another man and rattle off. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that these things do not improve his ratings with her – what does is the self-confidence that arises out of well-practiced self-discipline manifested when he shuts up! There is no other alternative to practicing “restraint”, in speech and action, when it comes to impressing a woman.

Five Essential Online Dating Tips For Men

Online Dating Tip #1 – Take the Time to Read Her Profile

While some online dating advice sites may recommend the ‘shotgun’ approach and suggest that guys should contact as many female members of their dating site as possible, this may not, necessarily, be the best approach. Instead of contacting as many female members as possible with short, terse messages, men should take the time to read a woman’s profile and then indicate this to her in an initial contact message. Just taking the time to read her profile and commenting on specifics from her profile will show a woman that a man is interested in what she has to say and set him apart from the countless other guys who do not take the time to do this.

Online Dating Tip #2 – Honesty is the Best Policy

Although it may be natural or tempting to stretch the truth a bit online – after all you don’t really know the person who you are contacting and they don’t know you – this is a bad move for men (and women for that matter). Starting a potential relationship off with a lie or basing a relationship on deception may come back to haunt a person later. Nobody likes to be deceived and this goes for men and women who use online dating sites. Before meeting another person face to face, all anyone has online is their reputation and integrity. Don’t jeopardize what could evolve into a serious relationship by being dishonest. Women will see through this right away.

Online Dating Tip #3 – Be Persistent, Not Overly Aggressive

Finding a woman online who has many of the same interests and multiple desirable qualities is very exciting. So let her know that you are interested and be specific about what you like about her (see online dating tip #1), but don’t be overly aggressive. Create a short, thoughtful message that indicates to her that you have read her profile and then sit back and be patient. If a woman does not respond right away, there may be several reasons for this. For example, she could be on vacation. The last thing a woman will want to do is contact that guy who sent her fifty emails while she was away on vacation and not able to log into to the online dating site. From a woman’s perspective, any man who sends multiple messages without allowing her sufficient time to respond is going to be viewed more as a stalker than a potential suitor. The best approach is to send an initial, thoughtful email and then wait at least one week for her to respond. After this, it may be acceptable to send one follow-up message, but any more attempts to contact a woman at an online dating site will have a negative effect. If she doesn’t respond by this time, just move on.

Online Dating Tip #4 – Keep the Initial Contact Email Short

Men should keep the initial contact email or message to a woman relatively short. Say enough so that the woman knows that you have taken the time to read her profile and provide some information about yourself and why you think you may be a good match and leave it at that. The longer the message you send to a female member of your dating site the more ‘psycho’ you will appear to be. So provide just enough information and maybe end with a question to make it as easy as possible for her to respond.

Online Dating Tip #5 – Never Ask for Personal Information

Dating safety is something that should be important for everyone, but women who use online dating sites may feel especially vulnerable, especially of they are using internet personals for the first time. While you may be interested in how close the object of your desire lives to you or want her phone number, keep such personal inquiries in check until later in your online relationship. If she is interested in you and you have been conversing through emails or IMs for some time, this type of information will flow naturally. Let her suggest a phone conversation before you do or let her take the imitative and suggest meeting in person. By letting the woman take the initiative, she will feel empowered and more in control. So, don’t ask for personal information or details, let the woman take the iniative when it comes to talking or meeting offline and make her feel as comfortable when you do meet, such as suggesting that you meet in a public place. These things can all reinforce the fact that you are a good guy with good intentions.

While there are many additional online dating tips for men who use the internet personals sites, the five tips above are essential for men to ensure the greatest probability for success through online dating. So, if you’re a guy, follow the dating advice above and take the time to read her profile and comment on specifics from her profile, be honest, don’t be overly aggressive, keep your initial contact message short, and make any women you contact through an online dating site feel as comfortable as possible by not being pushy or asking for personal information. What may be seen by you as an innocent question may be seen by her as a violation of her privacy. So try to follow the five essential online dating tips for men above and don’t be surprised if you have more online dating success than ever before.

4 Best Dating Advice Tips for Men

A lot of literature has been produced and barrels of ink consumed in writing out various dating advice for men. “Women are from Venus and men from Mars” is the usual conclusion of most men when it comes to dating. Many popular movies have shown men comparing notes and tips on how to woo women. However, what most men forget is that women are no longer home oriented creatures that they were; women are now exploring and winning their fights too.

So how can one expect to impress any woman with age-old methods and formulas? In the following paragraphs are some very basic rules a man must follow for best dates. Read on, these could be of great help.

-Stop pretending to be Mr. Nice. Women are no longer looking for Mr. Perfect of their lives. The whole concept about such men has been lifted; the woman today wants her man to be human. So none of your stupid intellectual or intelligent moment’s speech is required. Just be yourself, talk of your own preferences, likes, dislikes etc.

-Try to be a bit naughty and witty at times. Catch her off her guard, keep her wondering whether you really said it or not. Do not get vulgar or too personal, but just some slight flirting is admissible. Keep her guessing about your next move and next sentence. Nevertheless, make it evident that you like her and admire her looks.

-Most women today have lot of admirers and hence you do not want to be just an addition to the list but leave an impression. Make her notice you and then throw in some attitude; but do not overdo the attitude part. Your date might try and test you, sometimes joke and refuse. However, there will be times you need to be firm too. Do not let her lead you anywhere she wants to – demarcate the limits.

-Some women are very close to their families. If you really like your date, then meeting her family and interacting with them is not a bad idea. After all, we all want our most treasured people to get along together and know each other. Any woman who is close to her family will only introduce a man she really likes and appreciates, not otherwise. One of the best dating tips for men is to be yourself and be comfortable with her family.

A successful date is the one in which you enjoy the company without having to change any facts or be conscious about yourself.