How to be a good lover

When we look at our favourite movies we always see that the hero is not only there to save the day but they also appear to be the best lover in the world. They get everything right and women just melt into their arms. However we all know that real life works differently; and the truth is that being a good lover actually takes a lot of effort. But it may not be the impossible task which so many people put on a pedestal; so here’s a bit of advice to make you a better partner.

Decision vs indecision

To start with, it is important that you know yourself. By that we mean what you want, what you enjoy doing and what you don’t like. You see people are often indecisive because they haven’t fully discovered themselves; and the best way to do this is to gain further experience within the field of love. Of course love might not be something you can practice as such; but you can definitely practice to get better in bed. After all most lovers are really there to offer a good time; as opposed to a serious relationship. So how do you practice sex? Well by having more of it! Yes we know this sounds easier than it is; but how hard is it to find sex in this internet era? Not as hard as people think.

Finding new partners

Just look around online and you will find plenty of naughty adult dating websites; and you shouldn’t be scared of joining one or two. Naughty dating sites such as have got a lot of female and male members who just want to have a fun time in bed; and they are not expecting to find a sexual tyrannosaurus anytime soon; they just want to have some quick and easy fun. In fact a lot of members joining those sites will probably be similar to you in the way that they are not 100% confident about things; so really it should make it easier to talk to them without feeling too intimidated. Just remember there are a lot of people out there who are similar to you and want the same things you do; you just got to get the courage to send them a little message and see where that takes you.

Practice and experiment

The best way to gain better experience is to try new things and get better at them. Even if you don’t know many bedroom tricks you can pick a few along the way. Just don’t be scared to ask: “would you like to do this?”, “Is it ok if we try that?”. Also always ask your partner what they want; as a good lover listens above all else. Focus on your partner’s pleasure first, but also make sure you are having a good time or else your partner might feel bad that they’ve done something wrong. A good lover gives confidence to their partner; so make sure that you get what you want; ultimately it is all a fine balance. As they say: the door swings both ways!