Down To Earth Dating Advice For Women

Dating advice for women can be complicated sometimes. There are so many different things to remember while you’re on a date. In this article you will find a few advice tips for you to work on while you’re on a date. Always remember though, it is only a guideline and it’s you on the date, not the person writing the article.

Just be yourself?

Being yourself on a date is the most important piece of advice. Men don’t like a women who pretend to be someone else. If the man you’re on a date with is meant to be with you, he will like you for who you are and not who you could be. He may become very angry with you if you pretend to be someone else. Once you have eventually decided that you are tired of the charade and become yourself, he may feel hurt that you lied and may not understand that you were only trying to impress him.

About compliments

If you receive a compliment, accept it graciously. If you decide to analyze the compliment or reject it, you may be portrayed as having a lack of self confidence. Some gentlemen don’t like a woman who can’t accept a compliment. The best would be to thank him and accept that maybe you’re beautiful and you should stop putting yourself down.

Previous relationships

Your previous relationships are of no importance to your date. He doesn’t want to hear how he compares to your previous boyfriends. He may feel insecure or nervous as it is and comparing him to your previous boyfriends may scare him off or make him feel like he has to compete with their memory or measure up to them.

Being positive is always right. Positivity in on a date makes it pleasant. It will keep him from running away from your constant nagging or complaining. Complaining and nagging may portray you as an unhappy person and no one really enjoys a person who always complains.

When it comes time to arrive for your date, keep to the time arranged to meet. You should never be late unless it is a valid excuse. Believing that being late may heighten his anticipation is not the right way to think. He may become irritated and your evening will be spoilt. He may see you as someone who has a disregard for time and doesn’t really care about whether you are on time. A short phone call to say you will be late may save you from not enjoying your date.

An honest opinion

Your honest opinion may be appreciated by your date. If you constantly agree with everything he says, you may portray yourself as someone with no imagination. You may be seen as someone who can not think for herself and is a push over. Always give your opinion if you don’t agree with his. Men and women are different after all and are entitled to have their own opinion. Don’t start an argument, just view your opinion in a polite manner and keep the conversation going.

The day after your date should not be a day for you to call. You should wait a few days and see if he calls you. If he is interested in you, he will make the time to phone you. If you don’t receive a call, give him a call and keep the conversation light. If he is not interested in you it won’t help by constantly calling him to see when your next date is. You will sound rather desperate.