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5 Top Tips For More Meaningful Friendships

We are more connected than ever. We know what our friends are up to every minute of the day. We are able to connect with someone at the click of a button. Yet why do we feel so disconnected? Social media presents us with opportunities for quick glimpses and comments into others lives, but it fails to create meaningful relationships between us. Here are my 5 top tips to creating more meaningful bonds with others again, and allow others to feel truly valued at the same time.

1. Listen to them

Show them you understand by listening to them. Show them empathy and really try to understand what they are saying. If they are going through some difficult times, you can show that you understand by saying things like “that must be hard for you”. But try avoid saying that you do understand. You may have been through a similar experience, but what they are feeling may be very different from what you have been through.

And remember, when you are listening to them, try not to interrupt them, let them be free to talk.

2. Admire Them

Allow yourself to admire them. If you start to feel a tinge of jealousy, ask yourself, what is it about them that makes me jealous? Then ask, is that what I want in my life? How can I achieve that for myself, so that I no longer need to feel jealous.

3. Be Specific About What You Admire

When you tell them what you admire about them, be specific about what it is you admire about them. For example, if you admire their outgoing personality, what is it about their outgoing personality that you admire. Do you admire their carefree outlook on life, their ability to strike up an interesting conversation with anyone, or their fun and spontaneous side. What is it exactly that you admire about them.

Think about what it is that you really admire about them. Don’t say what you don’t mean. If you like their ability to strike up interesting conversations but you don’t like their spontaneous nature, just think about those qualities you do admire, the ability to have interesting conversations. In other words, be specific, and stick to the positives.

4.Tell Them

Tell them what you like and admire about them. Tell them what they are good at. When you compliment someone, you make them feel good about themselves. People want to feel good about themselves and they want to surround themselves with people who will make them feel good about themselves. They can’t help but want to form a stronger connection with you because of the good feelings they receive when they spend time with you.

5. Make it Public

Tell other people what you admire about them. When you share what you like about someone, this makes other people see the good qualities in that person too. What’s more, people will start to see you more positively as well. When you talk well about others, people begin to trust you and wonder what good things you may also say about them.

Five Tips to Making Friends in Later Life

To overcome loneliness, we need good friends around us. Whilst the need for close relationships does not diminish as we grow older, the opportunity and means for making friends does. If we lose a partner for whatever reason, sometimes relationships we shared with them are lost or damaged and the fear of feeling isolated or lonely becomes greater. Wherever we are on our life transition journey we need people who care for us on our team and need to put time and effort into making new relationships. Here are five tips to get you going.

1. Be proactive and take the first step. If you want to make friends, you have to get out there. Friends will not come knocking on your door while you sit at home watching TV!

2. Talk to people. Socializing needs practice. You can join a club or go to evening classes and you still will not make friends if you do not actually talk to people. Each time you talk to someone new, you have a chance of making a friend. Most conversations will not lead anywhere but once in a while you will actually make a friend.

3. Join as many groups/activities as you can. The wider you cast your net the more likely you are to find someone who has the same interests as you. If you have something in common with people, it can make it a lot easier to start a conversation

4. Volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to meet others. By working together you build relationships with people, and you might meet others who enjoy doing the same things as you.

5. Use the Internet. In general, the world wide web is a great place to make friends. Be careful to follow safety guidelines

It is unlikely that one person will meet all your needs for friendship. Maybe the walking group you join will satisfy you to some extent, talking a concern through with a colleague and going to the theatre with a neighbor will fill the rest. One friend might be a good listener while you may have to go to someone else to have a good night out.We have to make an effort to meet a range of different people across the social spectrum to meet all our needs for friendship. Each one of which will fill a social need in some way but one person is unlikely to meet them all

5 Tips to Build and Improve Your Relationship

Having a positive and loving relationship is one of the most beautiful things you can have in a marriage, while a negative one can turn your life into a living hell!

If you’re in a relationship with your partner that is less positive, perhaps you’ll want to change it into one that’s positive and make it grow stronger, over time. It’s possible to have a positive relationship, but it’ll take both effort and time from both you and your partner. Once you’ve got it started, your partner will start reaping and enjoying the benefits that come along. Here are the 5 tips to build and improve your relationship:

1. Give your all. First things first, building a relationship that’s positive, loving, passionate and long-lasting requires you to give your all. This is one of the main ingredients in building a positive relationship.

There shouldn’t be half-heartedness when it comes to giving in a relationship.You’ll only see the return, if you’re willing to give freely of yourself.

When you give your all and without asking back anything in return, your partner will feel and sense the efforts you’ve put into the relationship and soon he or she’ll begin to reciprocate with the same kind of efforts that you’ve put in.

2. Shower your partner with love. In building a positive relationship, you should at every opportunity show your love to your partner by the things you say or do to him or her. Of course, ‘actions speak louder than words,’ but occasionally, you’ll need to remind him or her of your love by saying, “I love you”. By all means, give him or her the compliment when it’s due and make sure it comes from your heart.

3. Consistent acts of kindness. The things you do for your partner can make or break your relationship. When you’re in love with someone, consistent acts of kindness toward him or her should be your second nature. So, consistently do things that make him or her falling for you more will help to build up a relationship that’s naturally positive.

4. Show respect. Respect needs to be earned. In the same token, disrespect is earned when someone proves to be untrustworthy. So, show respect to your partner in all aspects, e.g. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in order to build and nurture a lasting and positive relationship.

5. Build a strong friendship. Your positive relationship requires the foundation and stability that come from a strong friendship. With a strong friendship as its base, your positive relationship becomes stronger, long-lasting and is ready to withstand all kinds of adversities in the future.

These five steps can help you make a big difference in your relationship. As soon as you start implementing them and conscientiously make every effort to improve your relationship, you’ll start seeing a stronger and a more positive relationship, unveiling before your eyes.

Tips for Having a Successful Friendship

Friendship is a close relationship among non-blood connected people. It is one of the greatest qualities a man’s life. As a social being, man can not live alone. He feels the necessity of keeping friendship with others for making his life on earth worthy and meaningful. A well-chosen friendship is better than wealth and reputation. Here is some tips for having successful friendship:

Chose a friend:
To make true friendship a man must chose his friend from among the person of his equal tastes, character or status. Because they need good understanding among them. If their mind is not equal their thought will not same. Than their relation will be broke in a small time. Their is no bound of age. A child might be a best friend of a old man. If they have a friendly mind.

In the time of introduction he mustn’t ask him any personal thing, such as his age, his income, his family. Any where when they see each other, he have to say ‘hi’, ‘hello’, ‘how are you’ etc. He needs to continue communication with his friend.He can make call over phone, e-mail him or go to his house. When they talk with each other they have to talk with open mind. It is not important for him to be modest with his friend.

A friendly mind:
To make a friendship, a man must have a friendly mind. Next he must have confidence in his friend and must open a heart to him to make the bondage of relationship closer and sweeter. We know the story of Jim and Dela. They sacrificed their selves the last thing they have for making the relation sweeter. If a person is polite in his behavior is a good friend. Besides, he must have a free mind to forget and forgive unintentional wrong and mistakes of of his friend for continue their relationship. Again, he must avoid the harmful practice of finding fault with his friend behind him. Next he must have the mind to care little for the back-biters’ backbiting about their friendship.

A friend in need:
A proverb goes ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’. He have to sacrifice for his friend in any situation of life. He have to standby his friend in all circumstance with all the sympathy. He should smile when his friend smile and he should cry when his friend cry. He always do those things which are useful for his friend. And avoid those things which are harmful for their friendship.

Finely, to make a true friendship he have to be a good man in his character. Truly speaking, a true friend plays a great role on the life and character of a man.By follow this tips a man will be able to be a good friend.