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Do I make you horny baby?

Those of us familiar with good comedy will have heard this sentence said before. It reminds us of a good old English spy with glasses and teeth bigger than they should be. In fact this famous Austin Powers phrase represents more than just a catchphrase. The person who says it gets all the ladies; yet he doesn’t look particularly attractive; so how does he do it? It’s all about the personality; and it is very true: you don’t need to look stunning to get laid; you just merely need a good attitude and bingo! Okay; seriously though; is that even true?

Beauty is overrated

These days we are finally starting to acknowledge how wrong the whole modelling world is. Thinner isn’t better; in fact it is a lot associated with terrible illnesses such as anorexia and bulimia; and we are pleased that this tendency is finally getting caught out and rectified. Normal looking people are everywhere and a lot of them get laid; so there is more to life than just being incredibly handsome. Personality plays a huge role into things; after all it is not your looks that will entertain a lady; and you will need to do a whole lot more than just stand there being good looking to rock their world!

Being confident and fun are key

In life you’ve got to own up to what you’ve got. We are not all blessed with good looks or intellect; but we can still try our best to make it work with what we’ve been given by nature. We have all got it in us to make someone laugh and show them a good time so if you want to get laid it’s time to unleash your inner Austin Powers and have a shag tonight! Seriously you need to loosen up and remember what it is like to have a good time. People want sex because life is stressful and they want to switch off; and you probably think that too. You don’t have to be the life and soul of a party but you can still be a fun person to be with. Remember if you manage to make them laugh then you are only getting closer to the real thing.

Stay true to yourself

Of course you don’t want to be purely imitating other people out there. You are an individual and only you can offer the things that you do. If you are just the same as another person; why should a lady go for you instead of them? You have to show that you can provide women with a good time in your own way; it makes for a really appealing and unique proposal. By showing a willingness to make things work you are showing effort; and women will feel more confident that you are a good time waiting to happen. Pretty people often take their looks for granted and they will therefore let you down in the technique department. It is the normal looking folks who have to make up for looks with proper technique; and it’s the same thing with women too. So which one would you want: gorgeous but bad in the sac; or normal but with techniques that will haunt you mind forever? We know which one we prefer…

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